IMG_0048My name is Tyler,

I created Trek with Tech to inspire those interested in traveling and provide a high definition footage available at the Trek with Tech YouTube Channel.

I had no interest in traveling.

2007: Sister takes me to Mexico to get wasted. I was 18, so almost mandatory.

Still didn’t care much for it

2012: Sister shows me how to really travel with a backpacking trip to SE Asia.

I was hooked,

2015: Returned to Thailand for a month, alone, on islands (Phangan, Tao, Phi Phi) while during summer break while attending Cal Poly Pomona for my degree in Business Administration/CIS, simultaneously running online arbitrage company with business partners.

2016: Graduated, Decided to work full time on Company after hitting 1 million in annual revenue.

2017: Sold my shares of a company to remaining shareholders, paid off my high-interest student debts and lived at home, working full-time to save up for a 6-month trip to South America.

I love traveling to tropical places… and now I get to film it and share it… As I will explore I will export it… thus the Trek with Tech blog rose from my devotion for quality images and the gadgets that produce them and my passion for amazing destinations and the people willing to explore them.

A Little preview of my upcoming trip expected route.